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Interior Design

Interior Design for the life that looks like you

Welcome to MinsQ Interior Design – we are a Helsinki-based design studio. Our services include interior design solutions for one room or the entire home as well as consultations, both in-person and virtually. 

MinsQ Interior Design helps you create an environment where you enjoy yourself and where you can live the life that looks like you.

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Interior Design that suits your lifestyle

At MinsQ Interior Design we can help you achieve a beautifully designed and enjoyable home that suits and supports your day to day living. Together we can build a space that you love spending time in but also where everyday tasks run smoothly.

Good planning can improve the quality of life. By getting to know you and your habits, finding out what you like and what you want, we are able to create a home that looks like you, tells your story, and reflects your values.

Interior Design that tells your story

Interior Design for your life situation

Home is more important for us as we spend more time there. We may need a home where to relax but also work and exercise. 

Moving can pose challenges in decorating your new home and finding practical solutions that are right just for you. Surfaces may be in need of retouching, or perhaps you are looking for some assistance in the purchase and placement of new furniture. Oftentimes, the functionality and how the home works in practice only becomes apparent after spending more time there. We all want to build a home that feels like home, whether permanent or temporary.


On the other hand, sometimes it is good to update home with small or big changes.


Whatever the reason is, I am happy to help you  to make your home the best possible place for you.


I would love to hear about your project and how I can help you.

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